VONA Donates Baby Items For Hurricane Relief

VONA Case Management delivered a truckload of baby supplies to Rockwell Elementary School this week. The students in the Rockwell Chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society were leading a diaper and wipes drive to provide hurricane relief and support to the victims of Hurricane Michael.

“So many people were affected by this storm and the relief efforts will be ongoing, but when we found out about this drive and the need for baby items, we knew we wanted to participate,” said Ryan Shirley, VONA CEO. “I am a business owner but first, I am a dad, and I can’t imagine not being able to provide the simplest things for my baby. It was an easy decision for us to provide any help we could.”

To learn more about Rockwell Elementary, visit their website. 

By GIVING you GROW, and by HELPING you provide HOPE.

Rockwell hurricane relief Rockwell hurricane relief

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